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Knowledge-Based Food Research

Matís is a dynamic knowledge-based food research company that carries out its work by highly competent and enthusiastic scientists.


Competent Scientists

Matís employees are many of Iceland‘s most competent scientists in the field of food technology, food research and biotechnology.


Matís & Horizon 2020

Matís has a great reputation and has shown to be a strong applicant and is a sought after project partner within research Europe.



What role does traceability have for increased value within the seafood industry? - 19.11.2014

Rekjanleiki | Traceability | © iStock Swoosh-R

The Icelandic food and veterinary authority (MAST) organised a seminar on traceability in food systems on October 21st 2014 in Reykjavík. The seminar was a part of the programme organised by the Icelandic presidency of the Nordic council of Ministers in 2014.

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What can Matís do for you?

Looking for a Partner?

Matís has extensive experience in international partnership and is a leading partner in many programs

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Iceland: a small Country?

Many think Iceland is a tiny country. Indeed it is, but yet, at the same time, Iceland is a large producer of food.

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International Cooperation

International cooperation is a vital part of the day-to-day running of Matís and is ever growing.

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Improved Handling

Improving the stability and quality of raw material is essential for the production of high quality products

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Lax rannsóknir

A Future Look

Is aquaculture the only way possible to guarantee the supply of fish to the ever growing world population?

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Food Composition Database

Do you want to know about the nutritional content of Icelandic food? If so, click here to find out more.

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