Working at Matís ohf.

Matís ltd. is a progressive research organization which employs an extremely talented group of individuals, all working together towards a common goal;  increasing the competitive advantage of Icelandic food producers.  A great emphasis has been made in the past years to make Matis ltd. a sought after and exciting workplace, with a state of the art working facilities, where many of Iceland's leading scientists are employed.

Research Scientist

Matis is looking for a research scientist in microbiology and molecular biology to work at its headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland 

Job Description

As a part of the Matis research team the employee will work on a range of research projects related to microbiology and molecular biology, focusing on the discovery and utilisation of unique and extremophilic organisms, their traits, genes and enzymes. 

Main tasks will involve planning and performing microbial- and biotechnology experiments, along with output analyses. The work will involve bacterial cultivations, PCR, sequencing, genetic engineering, microbial product analysis, enzymatic assays etc.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience

  • B.Sc. degree in biology, biotechnology or relevant life sciences
  • M.Sc. degree and/or relevant work experience is an advantage
  • Excellent team player, ability to work on own initiative and effectively prioritize workload

 Application deadline is August 31st.


All applications will be confidential. All applications will be answered at the end of the hiring process.

For further information regarding the position please contact dr. Guðmundur Óli Hreggviðsson,

General Application

A general application or application for a job advertised can be sent in here below. 


All applications will be confidential. All applications for advertised jobs will be answered at the end of the hiring process. General applications will be answered if there is an available positions and are stored for six months.

For more information contact Hroar Hugosson, Human Resources Consultant. Telephone: (354) 422-5027. Email: