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Iceland spots opportunities in aquaculture - 2.9.2014

Fiskeldi | Aquaculture
An ever-growing population implies great challenges as FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) draws attention to in the latest version of SOFIA. There it is estimated that the world population will be 9.6 billions in 2050. Already, various cultivation areas have reached their limit of production. Read more

Maximising Return: Utilising the entire fish - 29.8.2014

Matís, together with the ministry of Industries and Innovation, University of Iceland and Mercator Media, organizes very interesting conference, which takes place on the first day of the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition & Awards 2014 (IceFish) in Kópavogur. The exhibition will take place from the 25th to 27th of September.

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Fresh = frozen in quality of cod? - 29.8.2014

Nowadays, a sustainable fisheries sector and increased utilization of catch is of high importance. One of the main challenges is the seasonal variations in amount of landings throughout the year. While most of the whitefish is caught and processed during the winter, the market demands all-year deliveries. Today, the seagoing fleet mainly land frozen headed and gutted (HG) cod.

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