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Silhouette-Of-Seaweed - 4.5.2015

Matís has received a post-doc grant from the Marie Skłodowska-Curie action which is aimed at providing researchers with necessary skills and international experience for a successful career.

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Money, jobs or food. Who needs fisheries and why? - 29.4.2015

In his presentation, Ian Goulding talks about "Money, jobs or food. Who needs fisheries and why?" Mr. Goulding was in Iceland on behalf of United Nations University Fisheries Training Programme located in Iceland ( The presentation is held in Matís' HQ in Reykjavík, Iceland. Read more

Single cell protein for more fish - 27.4.2015

Fiskeldi | Aquaculture

Europe is facing a shortage of protein, protein which is used for animal feeds and other purposes. Alternative protein sources which are financially and environmentally sustainable and do not compete with food production have to be used to compensate for this shortage. In 2014, the Greenfeed project won an award for its efforts to devise a promising alternative to fish feed.

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