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Extensive research program by Matís for Nestlé - 28.11.2014

The value of exported fresh fish from Iceland has increased significantly with improved methods of handling and cooling of the catch. The annual export of fresh fish amounts to about ISK 40 billion. If the same volume was to be exported frozen, the value would be only half this amount.

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Retailers in UK reluctant to give too much information - 24.11.2014

A new “app” for smartphones and tablets with information for seafood buyers. When this „app“ was ready to be tested in the UK retail market, the retailers were reluctant to use it.

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Studies on increased utilization of herring for human consumption - 24.11.2014

Norwegians have successfully studied for the last three year the increased utilisation of herring and they now utilize side products from herring filleting in 17 different products. Research on the use of herring side products is also ongoing at Matís. Read more

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