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Nova Scotia Bio-Food Agency Signs Innovative Agreement with Icelandic Technical Research Company Matís - 26.1.2015

Perennia Food and Agriculture Inc. has signed an agreement with Matis Ltd. of Reykjavik to support the innovative and progressive growth of Nova Scotia's agri-food and seafood sector.

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Iceland's unique position - 23.1.2015

Iceland is in a unique position when it comes to biotechnology and biomolecules due to its diverse and distinctive nature. The division has therefore also focused on investigation of the microorganisms that live in geothermal areas as well as on the continental shelf. We are therefore working with microorganism that are only found in Iceland and not known elsewhere.

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The bioeconomy touches all life on earth - 21.1.2015

“In 2014 Iceland held the Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers and focused on bioeconomy. Several research projects in the field were launched. The objective of these projects is, among others, to find new ways to improve utilization of our resources and to avoid waste”, says Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson, Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture. Read more

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