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What role does traceability have for increased value within the seafood industry? - 19.11.2014

Rekjanleiki | Traceability | © iStock Swoosh-R

The Icelandic food and veterinary authority (MAST) organised a seminar on traceability in food systems on October 21st 2014 in Reykjavík. The seminar was a part of the programme organised by the Icelandic presidency of the Nordic council of Ministers in 2014.

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From basic research to medical devices for consumers - 18.11.2014

The biotechnology company Zymetech is built on research by Dr. Ágústa Guðmundsdóttir, professor of food chemistry, School of Health Sciences, University of Iceland (UI) and board member of Matís and the late Dr. Jón Bragi Björnsson, Professor at the University of Iceland, on digestive enzymes from cod and their use in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

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What is the carbon footprint of fresh Icelandic cod loins in comparison with other competing products? - 14.11.2014

Sustainable utilisation and mitigation of environmental impacts associated with food production have become important issues in many key markets for seafood products from Iceland.

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