ISGEM (The Icelandic Food Composition Database)

The ISGEM databank contains data on the composition of foods on the Icelandic market. The database is now published for the first time on Internet but earlier publications include printed food composition tables and pdf files.

  • On the Internet you can now find available data on 45 components in about 1100 foods. The components include protein, fat, carbohydrates, water, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and the contaminants mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic.
  • One table is published for each food.
  • All food composition values are given per 100 g edible part of the food.
  • The food composition values are representative for the samples analysed or the recipe that was used for calculation. The composition of most foods is variable, therefore the values published here might not be representative for a particular food under investigation.