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Winners in the Icelandic Championship in Artisan Food 

Now the first Icelandic Championship in Artisan Food has taken place. The competition was open for all the Nordic countries. 

New Nordic Food II and Matís hosted this competition. 

Parallel to the championship was a seminar where speakers from all the Nordic countries gave valuable insights on how to support and promote local food. The seminar was supported by Promote Iceland, Icelandair , MS Iceland Dairies and The Nordic House

Contestants were from all the Nordic countries and 110 products were registered in 8 different categories. Minimum number of products in each category were four. In categories were contentants were more than ten, gold, silver and brons were granted. If contentants were seven to nine, gold and silver were granted and if only four to six contentants were participating only gold was granted.

Here below is the list of winners:

Dairy products:

Gold      Arla Unika, Sirius (cheese), Denmark
Silver     Den Blinde ku, Blåmandag (cheese), Norway
Bronze  Skärvångens bymejeri, Rosalina (cheese), Sweden


Gold      Sjónarsker, Klettur (marinated, smoked and dried lamb), Iceland
Silver     Bjarteyjarsandur, Blueberry marinated and birch smoked lamb, Iceland
Bronze  Bjärhus gårdsbutik, Bjärhus ölpinne (dried sausage), Sweden

Fish processing:
Gold      Leif Sørensen, Fish chips, Faroe Islands
Silver     Sólsker, Mackerel-pate, Iceland
Bronze  Sólsker, Hot smoked Mackerel, Iceland

Berry, Fruit, Grain, Herbs and Vegetable processing:
Gold    Útoyggjafelagið, Meadowsweet syrup, Faroe Islands
Silver   Útoyggjafelagið, Rabarbusaft, Faroe Islands
Silver   Holt og heiðar, Rhubarb jam with vanilla, Iceland


Gold    Cum Pane ekologisk bakverkstad, Fröknäcke, Sweden  

Sour dough bread:
Gold    Sandholt, Smoked pumpkin bread, Iceland
Silver   The Coocoo's Nest, Sour dough bread, Iceland

Innovative Artisan Food
Gold    Örtagård Öst, Skuren marmelad, Sweden
Silver   Urta Islandica,  SPRETTUR-herb tea, Iceland

Gold    Saltverk, Birch smoked salt, Iceland
Silver   Norður & Co, Norðursalt - Icelandic flaky salt, Iceland

For further information contact Gunnþórunn Einarsdóttir.


12th of November
Study tour

- Visit to small scale producers in Iceland.

More information about the program is here.

13th of November
Icelandic Championship in artisan food production – Open for all the Nordic countries

-Artisan food producers from all the Nordic countries are welcome to participate

Artisan food seminar

-Speakers from all the Nordic countries will give good examples on how to support and promote local food, here you can see the program.

Both events will be held in the Nordic House

14th of November
Courses & Lectures

-Various courses and lectures for small scale producers and lectures will be held at Matis

More information is here.

15th of November
The biggest food market “Matarmarkaður Búrsins” in Iceland held in Harpa

Held by “Búrið - The Pantry