NordBio - Nordic Bioeconomy - áætlun og verkefni

FP7, Horizon 2020, Industrial Leadership, Sicentific Excellence, Grand Challanges

Boðað er til opins kynningarfundar þar sem NordBio áætlunin og verkefni hennar verða kynnt en Norræna lífhagkerfið (NordBio) er forgangsverkefni í formenskuáætlun Íslands í Norrænu ráðherranefndinni. Markmið NordBio er að gera Norðurlöndin leiðandi í sjálfbærri framleiðslu og nýtingu lífauðlinda í því skyni að draga úr sóun og efla nýsköpun, grænt atvinnulíf og byggðaþróun.

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Nordtic - Nordic Bioeconomy and Arctic Bioeconomy

Nordic Bioeconomy, FP7, Horizon 2020, Industrial Leadership, Sicentific Excellence, Grand Challanges

Conference on Nordic Bioeconomy and Arctic Bioeconomy will be held on June 25th. Bioeconomy will be at the centre of Nordic cooperation in 2014.

Nordtic Conference Report

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Presentations now available

Nordic Bioeconomy, FP7, Horizon 2020, Industrial Leadership, Sicentific Excellence, Grand Challanges

Conference on Nordic Bioeconomy and Arctic Bioeconomy took place on June 25th. Presentations are now available.

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Seaweed Barley Pasta

Seaweed Barley Pasta is a health food made from local Icelandic raw materials for consumers that want an exciting food based experience. Made from Icelandic barley and seaweed the pasta combines qualities of land and sea in a healthy new product. Read more

Barbeque beef ribs 

The barbeque ribs are precooked and marinated, ready within 20 minutes on the grill or in the oven. Delicious and handy anytime you want give you self a treat. The ribs are sold both fresh and frozen. In the project, processing was optimised and packaging developed.

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Chondroitin from cartilage

The project results indicate that processing of the chondroitin sulphate from shark cartilage is a simple procedure and may be profitable. Chondroitin sulphate shows considerable bioactivity, and is commonly used in nutritional products mainly against joint pains, both for humans and pets.

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Herbal soap

The product contains branches and other non-solvable items. 
This project shall give a method to extract the good contents in the Greenlandic herbs to be used in manufacturing of the soap and furthermore determine which chemicals are in the herbs. Read more


Reklinger is a naturally freeze dried product of sliced Greenland Halibut. The project should provide a method to make a product as close to the naturally product as possible using technology.

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Turnip chips

The product is turnip chips, oven baked and spiced with garlic, chili and Icelandic sea salt. The turnip chips are ideal snack by the TV, in the car or when reading a book. It is excellent as in-between meal being healthy and wonderfully tasty. In the project, the processing method was optimized. Read more

Ósnes Herring

Ósnes has been making herringproducts for the last 3 years. The herring we use in our products is all provided by Loðnuvinnslan hf. Fáskrúðsfirði and is freshly caught by Hoffell SU-80 outside the east coast of Iceland. We marinate/pickle the herring by an old family recipe and have mostly been selling to hotels and restaurants.

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Blueberrymarinated and smoked meat

At Bjarteyjarsandur, farmers  work in the spirit of the ecological and sustainable way of life. They show nature full respect and try to minimize the impacts on the surrounding environment. Farmers inform their guests and customers about different values of the area they live in.

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The Strandaber line of wild berry products originates from Strandasýsla county in North-West Iceland.  
The berries are either cold-pressed or pressed after heating to produce bilberry juice (BLÁMI). The remainder (MASSI) is used for production of other foods (e.g. boosts) or sweetened and dried for snacks. The fresh products are preserved by freezing. No preservatives and artificial sweeteners and colours are used.
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Dry Oyster mushrooms

The project has developed a successful procedure to dry oyster mushrooms for the retail market.  The fresh oyster mushrooms are surplus from a mushroom production and have until now been discarded. Drying conditions, temporary storage of fresh produce and acceptance criteria for the final product were defined.

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Icelandic Charr from Swedish wood


Single cell protein consist of fast growing microorganisms. It can be produced from residual process streams from the biorefinery industry. A potential new co-product for the biorefinery industry. Rapid protein production (from kg to tons in 24h).

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Beef Pastarami

The Pastrami is made of fat marbling beef brisket, marinated in brine with some Icelandic herbs as thyme, birch and angelica, for 5 days. Then the muscle is seasoned with variety of spices. At last the product is full cooked. This product fits best as toppings on bread, thin sliced with mustard and pickled cucumber. Read more

Marina Mayo

Mayonnaise is one of the most popular condiments in the world. Known for its rich and creamy texture, it is often flavoured with all sorts of spices and sauces, used as dip, or simply used on its own to give a sandwich that finishing touch.

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Kalli Sveins fish processing

Fiskverkun Kalla Sveins is SME in Borgarfjordur eystri, community of 134 inhabitants on the east coast of Iceland.The company is named after its owner Karls Sveinsson – Fish Processing of Kalli Sveinn´s and was founded in 1986. Karl has operated small boat since 1977 and currently operates two boats along with the fish processing.

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Pearl barley

Móðir Jörð introduces Pearl barley as a “cool grain for fine cooking”. Pearl barley is a new product in our existing barley line. The product line will include the plain pearl barley and two types of barleyotto which will include the vegetables and spices necessary to cook a quick but healthy meal in a simple way with Icelandic flavours. Read more

Country snack

„The Country Snack“ as we call it, is a beef jerky marinated and dried, ready to eat as a snack or when in need of an energy boost. In the project the marination and the 
drying was optimized. Read more

Atlantic rock crab

The product is crab meat, cooked and frozen. The product is used for crab salad, crab cakes or burgers. In the project, method was set up for processing of meat from shoulders and legs of Atlantic rock crab. Next step is to produce finger food by cutting the crab claws, “cocktail claws”. Read more